• Q. Is it possible to sell my car privately and get more?
    A. It is up to you to decide what you believe to be “more”? More fuss? More risk involved? More trouble with doing RTA paperwork, a pink slip or vehicle safety check, tax reporting etc.? At Sell My Car Sydney, you get a quick and free offer and an effortless transaction. Sell your car easily by just making a phone call or click. Call 0420-58-7575 to get an instant estimation for your used car. No need for pink slip or vehicle safety checks .
  • Q. Are there any evaluation charges that I need to pay you for assessing my car and making me an offer?
    A.No charges whatsoever. Your vehicle’s evaluation is done and an offer is made to you free of any charges.
  • Q. What’s the length of the whole process to sell my car?
    A. The entire process normally takes less than 24 hours if you we come to you if you call 0420-58-7575. it will take less than 20 minutes if you come to us . Our specialists will do the whole thing from estimating your car’s value, doing the RTA paperwork and most importantly getting your money to you.
  • Q. Isn’t it more beneficial for me to sell my car on my own?
    A. Dealing with Sell My Car Sydney is the easiest way to get instant offers for your used car, truck, van etc. within 24 hours or less. Just call 0420-58-7575 and get connected to the local car buyer. Sell your car to us with peace of mind without waiting for strangers to come to you, to test drive your vehicle and calculate its worth. You are free from all troubles and costs such as taking to several local dealerships, posting an online Ad by paying charges to the third parties or publishing Ad in the local newspapers. Our services are 100% FREE. No holdups, no hassles, no burden whatsoever - just get instant cash for your used car, truck, van etc.!
  • Q. Is it required that my car should be in a running condition?
    A. No. We buy all types of vehicles irrespective of its condition, be it working or not working, damaged, smashed, wrecked, abandoned or shabby.
  • Q. What is the process of selling my car today?
    A. Right away call 0420-58-7575 and get a quick offer by providing the exact specifications of your car’s condition (like kilometers, make & year, model etc.). Alternatively, you can fill out our easy web form. It’s easy as that!
  • Q. Are there any hidden charges?
    A. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.